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NEW ! Exterior steam car wash

Steam car wash is a great alternative to a conventional car wash, it’s known as a „scratch-proof“process, safe for all surfaces in the car. Just with the required amount of heat and pressure, the steam dissolves the dirt and other pollutants that are present on the surface. It´s an eco-friendly solution with excellent sterilizing and cleaning power. Steam washing your car in the winter prevents the locks and seals in the car from freezing.


Interior detailing

Apart from having a shiny car on the outside, make sure your car is clean and fresh inside. That is really what we are driving with. Pet fur, food stains, dust or smells are taking all the pleasure of driving away. Let us take care of that!

Innenreinigung Autoaufbereitung

Fabric seats

Fabric seats tend to hold a lot of dirt deep inside of them. Here comes a wet vacuum cleaner to help. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaner, it doesn´t just suck up the dust, lint and other dirt, but also gets rid of much rougher and even damp dirt, water and other liquids. Thanks to transparent nozzle, washing process can be easly monitored. After wet vacuuming it‘s necessary to let the seats dry, therefore we recommend to take care of your seats between spring and autumn, unless you own a heated garage.

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The leather does not tolerate the moisture well. The leather seats should be therefore washed very gently, with use of mild, dedicated cleansing agents. We distinguish many sorts of leather, every one of them needs a special care. To clean and refresh the leather in your car, we use a soft brush and extremely mild chemicals. To keep your leather soft, smooth and more resistant to damages, we recommend conditioning or waxing. We recommend taking care of your leather every year, because like our skin it needs to be moisturised regularly!

Car detailing

Child safety seat

To avoid any allergies on sensitive skin of kids, all we use to clean and disinfect your child’s seat is steam. No chemicals, only steam. Make sure your child drives not only safely, but also without bacteria on board!



Do you smoke in your car? Does your car still have the smoke smell from the previous owner? If so, your roof would really enjoy a deep cleaning. Smells, especially nicotine tend to stay deep in the fabric for a long time or even give your fabric unpleasant color. We clean the headliner without water piece by piece, using dedicated detergent, removing smells and discolorations if possible.


Cockpit/ Dashboard

Cockpit as a centre of the car and the most visible part of the interior should be kept clean at all times to really enjoy the ride. We take care of all sorts of surfaces, from the shiny to the matt ones.


Floor mats

Our car mats deal with sand, mud, dampness and rests from the food on a daily basis. They need a constant care, deep cleaning with the right detergents to serve us for a long time.


Car polishing

Paint on our cars is really fragile and requires a good care. Even the automatic car wash can cause small scratches on the paint, which makes your car look matt and dull with time. Get rid of annoying scratches from your car´s paint! Polishing gives your car brand new shine and protects your paint from new scratches.



Ceramic coating protects your paintwork with his water-repellent properties, gives your car a deep gloss, makes it resistant to stains and scratches for longer.

Car detailing

Convertible roof

Convertible roof is a really fragile part of your car. It has to deal with all extreme weather conditions. We recommend to freshen up your convertible roof twice a year, to avoid loss of the color and keep it clean. After the right cleaning, we impregnate the fabric to make it look better for longer.

Ozonbehandlung- Geruchsneutralizierung


We offer ozonation of your car, only after making it perfectly clean first! Ozone treatment is the use of the gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria and viruses. Ozone is able to fight odors like smoke, mould or urine. As the gas permeates your car, the odor is neutralized and any bacteria and viruses are killed. Really helpful if you want your car to be a healthy place.


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